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    We breed Australian Labradoodles. NOT Labradoodles.

                                 (Labradoodles are labrador and poodle crosses.)   


Our dogs are multigenerational Australian Labradoodles from carefully selected lines
Our goal is to breed Australian Labradoodles, who meet the breed standard; are healthy, well structured and who have correct coats and temperaments. Their temperaments are suitable for working as therapy or assistance dog and also for pet dog purposes.


We are living in the countryside and have plenty of room for our dogs to roam and play on our big yard. Our dogs are part of our family. They are much loved and carefully cared family pets who share our lives.
We walk daily with our dogs in the woods , where they get to sniff for interesting smells. In that way they are getting both brain work and physical activity. our dogs are also doing obedience exercises and much more for getting more brain work.

Puppies are born and growing in the middle of our family, which has important significance in the socialization prosess. They Get used to normal , family life sounds and are in interaction with adults , children and other dogs.
Puppies can go outdoors when they are 3-5 weeks (depending on weather) . In that way they can practice balancing and toddle on uneven cliffs and exploring nature.

Our breeding dogs are health-tested and
all breeding dogs have been found to be healthy for hips, grade A or B  (by OFA or the Finnish Kennel Club, FCI), elbows, patellas, eye examinations and dna tests.


The first Australian Labradoodles have imported to Finland Late 1990s and In the early 2000s.


Although the breed is not yet officially recognized, it will charm people with their charming appearance and happy, easy temperament.


The breed is allergy-friendly but not completely Allergy free. However, many allergies have tolerated ALD Surprisingly well. You can read more about this topic here:


If you think that this is the breed for you, you are welcome to contact us and tell more about you , your family and dog related plans.

Australian Labradoodle is a cheerful, social and intelligent dog.
They are suitable for many dog activities(rescue, agility, search, tracking, water rescue etc.). They have excellent learning ability which makes them easy to train and with whom it is easy to live.
However, these are not suitable for guard dogs because of their friendly temperament.


The Australian Labradoodle have three different sizes and two different coat types. . See the "breed standard below".


We are breeding members in:

ALAA http: // (https://alaa-labradoodles.com



We are also members of the Finnish Australianlabradoodle Association (http://www.australianlabradoodleyhdistys.fi/



There are a lot of people, children and adults with illnesses and mental health problems.
Australian Labradoodle is excellent choice for therapeutic purposes.
Studies show that the dog reduces the patient's blood pressure and reduces stress.

Dogs bring joy and intimacy to any people and everywhere people smile when they see the Australian Labradoodle.

Dogs create positive emotions in virtually all children and young people. A therapy dog increases the child's self-esteem and promotes interaction in therapy.

In the United States, Australia and European countries this breed is commonly used as a therapy and assistance dog.

Read more: therapy dog / assistance dog/ guide dog/ medical alert dog.



Winter 2021/spring 2022

Our average waiting time is currently 10-14 months.



The beginnings of a breed are considered when a blind Hawaiian woman contacted the Australian Guide Dog Association in the mid-1970's and inquired about an allergy-friendly guide dog. The association had not anything to offer to the woman, but the association decided to try to breed a guide dog that would suit to the allergic people. A suitable combination was sought and they decided to breed Labrador to the poodle.The project was led by Mr. Wally Conren. From this first combination, three puppies were born, one of which did not cause a reaction to the blind man. Conren decided to breed more labradoodles, which became a popular breed among blind people in Hawaii. Of the first 31 puppies, 29 guide dogs were trained. Three of these were found to be allergy-friendly. Due to high demand, the Australian Guide Dog Association continued to breed a few litters a year.

In Australia, two experienced breeders began to breed Labradoodles in the early 1990s. They combined two labradoodles, and a labradoodle with a standard poodle. They also infused an Irish water spaniel to the mix to get chocolate brown colour.To restore the attractiveness of the essence, the combination was crossed with a curly coated retriever, which also resulted problems. The offspring had a shorter hair on the face, which was not a desirable feature . The breed was later infused an American cocker spaniel and English cocker spaniel to obtain a smaller size. Dogs of different sizes were known as Australian Labradoodle. The breed was introduced in the United States in the late 1990s and was immediately popular.





Original use:     

Guide dog

Current Tasks: 

Companion dog and hobby dog. Guide /                              assistant and therapist


Friendly, gentle, open, cheerful, social.

Breed Group:   

Not recognized breed. (Finnish dogs are registered in the breed organizations ALAEU and / or ALAA.



35-42 cm


43-52 cm


53-63 cm


Black, silver gray, cream, red, chocolate,  white


Two acceptable coat types: fleece and wool. Coat is trimmed a few times a year. Wash if necessary.


12-15 years


The same illnesses are possible as in the parent breeds.

The ability to train:   


Desirable conditions:

Adapts to different conditions. Not suitable for living outside. Suitable for companion dog and for people who have not had dogs before.


To protect the new breed, the International Labradoodle Association was established in 2004. The European Labradoodle Association Europe (ALAEU), which we belong to, has also been set up to secure the future of the breed.




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We have several litters planned for 2021/2022

Here you can find our upcoming litters: 



The puppy's total price is 3500-3800 euros (booking fee 400 euros is deducted from the total price).

The price includes:

- Pedigree

- Veterinary health check / statement

- Puppy microshipping

- Information on how to care for your new puppy, potty training,    feeding, grooming, ect.

- Puppy pack:

   (toys, fleece blanket where is mother`s and siblings smell , towels for paws, example of recommended treats/ artificial  bones, etc.)

- A lifetime of continued support

- Dog sterilization / castration.( final ownership will be             transferred only when the dog is sterilized / castrated on our   bill (Breed Association Requirement).



After contact us you will be asked to fill in the questionnaire (Puppy application). Tell as much as possible about yourself, your family and your hobbies. What would you like to do with a dog, what kind of dog would you like, etc.?

We organize dog romps every month and you are welcome to talk to and get acquainted with this wonderful breed.

The breed has been bred to work as a guide / therapist ... it is intelligent, requires a lot of brain work and physical activity.

Training and socialization are important to ensure that your puppy will reach its full potential .Training is fun and interesting, because Australian Labradoodles learn quickly and are eager to learn new things! ssible!).

After a meeting / visit, you should carefully consider ... Are you ready to commit to live with a very demanding dog who needs regular grooming, quality food, training, exercise, and co-operation about 15 years ahead? After careful consideration you can join our waiting list ( Limited amount).

Booking fee: 350 euros, deducted from the puppy's price.

After this: You will be kept up to date with your bitch's pregnancy and delivery.

When puppies are born, photos are updated weekly. Puppy socialization and getting used to new things are starting at a few weeks.

The puppy is released into a new home at 8 to 10 weeks of age.

You can always be in touch with us, and we will be happy to help you with any issues related to the breed/ puppy.


This 3 week old puppy gets acquainted with the sounds of the tv .... everything works well as long as the heart is near ... he calms down like a child:

This 3 week old puppy gets acquainted with the sounds of the tv .... everything works well as long as the heart is near ... he calms down like a child.

Wonder`s Rudom "Ransu".


Service dog is a personalized tool for a physically disabled person. The dogs are trained to assist with disabled person`s individual needs. A dog can be a decisive factor, enabling a disabled person to move and live an independent life. The dog promotes and maintains the physical, mental and social functions and supports him or her for an independent and equal participation in everyday activities: at work, study and leisure.

While the dog is workng , the assistance dog wears a vest or a harness which is marked with their logo. The people who meet a dog with vest or harness perceive that it works as an assistant dog. The dog has to move and stay in all operating environments related to his driver's daily activities.

A assistance dog has the right to travel with his / her user anywhere in Finland, such as restaurants, public transport, hospitals, etc.

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In health care the use of a dog is increasing phenomen. The dog seems to affect us in so many ways. Interaction with the dog reduces blood pressure and increases the well-being hormones in our bodies.

There are a lot of people, children and adults with illnesses and mental health problems. 

Australian Labradoodle is a great fit for a therapy dog. Because the breed is very allergy friendly (99% success rate according one European breeder), dogs can visit care centers, hospitals, daycare centers and children's homes, Studies show that petting the dog reduces the patient's blood pressure and reduces stress. Dogs bring joy and intimacy.

People are smilng everywhere, when they see the Australian Labradoodle. Australian Labradoodle produces positive feelings in almost every child and young person. A dog increases the child's self-esteem and promotes interaction in therapy. In the United States, Australia and European countries, the breed is used for example as assistance and therapy dog.

Are you working in a social, teaching and education, health or sports sector and are interested in an allergy friendly therapy dog?

Are you dreaming about an assistance, a support, or a hearing dog? Take contact !


Wonder`s Coco.


A hypo alert dog is trained to provide alerts to their diabetic owners when their blood sugar levels start to become too low or sometimes too high. Thanks to their incredible sense of smell , these dogs can tell just by smelling on the owners skin if the blood sugar is too low or too high. According to research these dogs can alert before the owner starts noticing something is wrong.

There are about twenty trained hypo alert dogs in Finland.

The Australian Labradoodle is very suitable for doing this. At the moment there are a few Australian Labradoodles graduating to become a hypo alert dog.

Please contact us if you are interested in a hypo alert dog.



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Health guarantee:

We guarantee that our puppies do not have life threatening genetic disorders such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, blindness caused by a genetic disorder, VWB, EIC, DM, IC, the conduct of the Preliminary Inspection and until Puppy reaches 24 months of ageHowever, parasites such as Giardia, Coccidia, and/or other ailments such as ear infections and other bacterial/viral infections are not uncommon no matter how clean and well-kept, because puppies have immature immune systems that are easily stressed and can even be contracted during or after transfer. 

If Puppy is found to have a congenital health defect that prevents Puppy from participating in normal daily activities, Seller will offer a replacement Puppy from a future litter at the Seller’s earliest reasonable convenience.  A written description of the defect, a description of the degree of physical impairment and a copy of the Preliminary Examination must accompany any request for replacement of Puppy. Buyer reserves the right, at Buyer’s expense, to have Puppy examined by a veterinarian of Buyer’s choosing.  In the event that opinions of Buyer’s and Seller’s veterinarians differ, Buyer agrees that the final determination of the validity of any claim will be made by a veterinarian selected by mutual agreement of the veterinarians who provided opinions to Buyer and Seller.  The cost of the deciding opinion will be paid equally by Buyer and Seller. 

This guarantee does not include viral illnesses, bacterial illnesses, acquired illness, vaccinosis, allergies, bites, infections, hernias, hypoglycemia, Guardia, Coccidosis, indigestion of foreign objects, ingestion of food or chemicals, or physical injury contracted or incurred following Buyer’s receipt of Puppy.



We offer Australian Labradoodle stud service to approved breeding females all over the world. We can send you chilled or frozen semen. All semen is reviewed for it quality prior to shipping and arriving at your veterinarians office within few days.

We are also looking for new breeding dogs and we can also change breeding dogs / semen.

If you are interested, please contact us !